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Q: How do I choose a frame that will compliment a family heirloom?

how to frame needlepoint

A: Custom framing is an art form. At Whites we're dedicated to giving our customers only the best, archival, museum quality framing, like the water-gilded, 22-carat gold leaf frame with fabric matting pictured above. We use the same traditional techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to simulate solid gold. These techniques take time but the result is the highest quality picture frame you can obtain. The way a needlepoint is placed inside a frame is important too. We took special care to professionally block and stretch this needlepoint, helping to preserve and showcase this family heirloom for generations to come.

If you're not sure which type of frame will compliment your family heirloom, please stop by for a complimentary design consultation. We're experts at custom designing just the right frame that will enhance your precious keepsakes, fine art oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, photographs, prints and mirrors.




Q: What is the difference between Non-Glare Glass and Museum Glass?

A: Non-Glare glass can be used for artwork that is placed directly in front of a window. It is relatively inexpensive, however it does cause your image to look slightly fuzzy. A better alternative is Museum Glass. Museum Glass allows your artwork to be viewed as it was intended and is glare-free. Museum Glass also provides the best UV protection for your artwork.




Q: Can my damaged frame be repaired?

A: Yes, damaged frames are often brought in to our shop for repairs and, in most cases, we are able to restore them to their original state. A few examples of the work we can perform:

  • Rejoin broken old frames
  • Rebuild missing comp sections
  • Customize ordinary moldings with special color and texture.
  • Repair missing or damaged gold leafing
  • Change the color of the frame to match your artwork
  • Hand carve frames in a custom design to match your artwork




fine art custom framingQ: What is Conservation framing?

A: Conservation framing utilizes the highest quality materials that can protect, preserve and maintain artwork. At Whites, we use only the highest quality materials when custom framing fine art.

See the difference for yourself, stop by for a complimentary consultation.



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