SHADDSTONE: Christopher J. Shadd

On display through September, 2022. While focused on the emotional impact of his work, Christopher J. Shadd, A.K.A. Shaddstone, takes the exploration of his medium to a scientific level having studied different techniques for industrial silicone in the lab. With a background in sculpture, all of his pieces are multidimensional and leave much to be discovered with every viewing.

From the artist: “I have been a realized artist since 1966, and stone sculptor from 1971, and in 2011 I discovered painting in self-formulated colorization of industrial silicone. I have always created my art from a joyful inner-most creative flow. My mission with my art is to help create a better more peaceful world. I recommend viewing my paintings from far away, close up, and with a magnifying glass, in all levels of light. My paintings are capable of doing something to the mind. Something good. Look and feel long, close, and deep. “